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Worried about Botched BOTOX®? Start with a Qualified Provider

When administered properly, BOTOX® can offer beautiful, natural-looking results without a “frozen” or fake look at all. But getting these excellent results hinges on one important factor: the quality of your BOTOX provider.

Keep these three essential tips in mind to pick the best BOTOX plastic surgeon in your area, avoiding a botched or sub-par job.

1. Choose an Accredited Medical Spa

Stay away from “BOTOX parties” or BOTOX provided by other medical professionals like dentists or family physicians. BOTOX not only requires technical skill and experience, but also an aesthetic eye. You want to work with someone who specializes in these types of treatments and, ideally, who works under a top board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.

Don’t be afraid to visit the office before committing to a procedure there, either. Make sure everything looks clean, organized and inviting.

2. Look at Reviews

Personal recommendations are an excellent way to find a qualified, trusted BOTOX provider.

Read reviews online of each practice once you’ve narrowed down your search. Be sure to check third-party websites, too, not just what’s available on the practice’s website. Then, ask around. Have any of your friends or family heard of this practice? Does anyone you know have personal experiences getting popular med spa treatments there?

3. Don’t Bargain Shop

The best deal isn’t necessarily going to be the right option when looking for the best BOTOX plastic surgeon. Sure, discounts and specials are commonplace, but if you see a price that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Choose your provider based on experience, qualifications and reputation; not how cheap the price tag is.

Are you ready to get your BOTOX treatment? Then contact the SpaVie team and receive treatment from experienced providers under the care of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Worried about Botched BOTOX®? Start with a Qualified Provider
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Worried about Botched BOTOX®? Start with a Qualified Provider
Trying to choose the best female plastic surgeon for BOTOX in Minnesota? The knowledgeable team at SpaVie in Plymouth shares tips for picking a provider.
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