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3 Med Spa Treatments to Remake Your Midsection & More

You hit the gym several times a week, whip up healthy meals and smoothies and catch plenty of Zzzs. So why are you still not losing that pesky belly pooch or seeing the muscle definition you’re after? How come cellulite lumps and bumps are sticking around?

Unfortunately, not every trouble spot can be addressed through diet and exercise alone, although those certainly are key ingredients to getting a rocking bod. If you’re having trouble seeing the results you want, you could be a good candidate for a midsection remake or nonsurgical mommy makeover. Here’s what to add based on your goals.

1. Ditch Stubborn Fat

If stubborn pockets of fat are overstaying their welcome, CoolSculpting® could be the perfect solution. This nonsurgical body contouring tool works by freezing and destroying targeted fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer, more toned figure.

2. Get a Muscle Makeover

Ask about the CoolSculpting stacking technique to see even better results in a single session.

Still not seeing the muscle definition you want, no matter how many crunches you do? It can be very difficult to work out your abdominal muscles and see that classic six-pack look. For a little extra help, try new EMSCULPT®, a revolutionary nonsurgical treatment that works out your ab muscles while burning fat at the same time.

3. Say Sayonara to Cellulite

Why is Cellulite so tricky to treat? Unfortunately, no amount of jogging, weight lifting, yoga or other exercise is going to get rid of this pesky problem.

But the good news is that Profound RF Cellulite Reduction has been shown to effectively reduce cellulite, leaving you with smooth, sleek skin — finally!

3 Med Spa Treatments to Remake Your Midsection & More
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3 Med Spa Treatments to Remake Your Midsection & More
What should you add to your nonsurgical mommy makeover? The team of experts at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota shares three top picks based on your trouble spots.
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