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LATISSE® Eyelash Treatment

Latisse If you’ve ever wanted fuller, thicker eyelashes, or applied the perfect coat of mascara only to have it completely ruined by a rainy day, LATISSE® might be just the treatment you’ve been waiting for. This product can be applied directly to the base of the eyelashes to encourage darker, more luscious lashes, with or without the addition of makeup.

Why Choose SpaVie?

  • Headed by Dr. Jennifer Harrington, one of the nation’s top female plastic surgeons, SpaVie is a premier spot for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.
  • With our full menu of face and body treatments, we strive to bring out the natural beauty, health and wellness in every man and woman who comes through our doors.
  • SpaVie serves the Twin Cities region, including Minneapolis-St. Paul and outlying communities such as Minnetonka, St. Cloud, Wayzata, and Sartell.

Best Candidates for LATISSE Eyelash Treatment

Most people who use LATISSE have thin, short or light-colored eyelashes, or simply would like more luscious lashes without using mascara. The majority of people in good overall health can be candidates for LATISSE eyelash treatment, but a few health conditions may affect your candidacy. Pregnant women and people with eye infections or allergies shouldn’t use LATISSE. If you have certain eye problems, such as uveitis, conjunctivitis or risk for macular edema, you also should stay away from using LATISSE.

What to Expect

After your consultation to determine your candidacy, you’ll be able to purchase the LATISSE product in our office and take it home with you for daily application. LATISSE should be applied in the evenings after cleaning your face, removing any makeup and taking out contact lenses, if you wear them. The product can be applied directly to the base of the upper lashes. It will be transferred to your lower lashes when you blink.

Your Results

You should notice your results developing after about 8 weeks of daily application. LATISSE should make your eyelashes grow fuller, thicker, longer and darker.


Q. Can I wear mascara while using LATISSE?
Yes. You can apply mascara if you wish to further enhance your lashes, but you may find that mascara is no longer necessary once your results develop.
Q. How long do the results last?
Your results should last for as long as you continue to use the product. If you stop using LATISSE, your lashes will return to normal.*
Q. Can LATISSE cause hair growth in other areas?
LATISSE is only approved for use on the eyelashes. If some of the product gets on another area of your face, you may grow hair in the new area, so it’s best to apply carefully and refrain from rubbing your eyes after application.
Q. What if some of the product gets into my eyes?
Most people who accidentally get LATISSE in their eyes don’t have any problems, though you should avoid this if at all possible. However, some people experience dry or red eyes, or the darkening of their eyelid skin if they get LATISSE in their eyes. If this happens, stop use of the product.
Q. How does the application process work?
LATISSE comes with individual, single-use applicators. You can purchase a 30-day supply, which comes with 60 applicators, one for each eye for each day. Do not use an applicator more than once.

*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

LATISSE Eyelash Treatment
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LATISSE Eyelash Treatment
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SpaVie in the Twin Cities is a Minnesota medical spa that offers LATISSE, a revolutionary eyelash treatment that grows thicker, fuller and longer lashes.
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