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CoolSculpting® Elite

For men and women who can’t seem to achieve their desired shape but aren’t interested in surgery, CoolSculpting® offers a nonsurgical body contouring option. CoolSculpting uses a process called cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding skin and tissue.

We are the first practice in the Twin Cities to offer CoolSculpting Elite, the latest version of this popular non-surgical body sculpting solution. CoolSculpting Elite offers several benefits over the original treatment, including the ability to treat two areas simultaneously, more coverage, and increased fat reduction.

Why Choose SpaVie?

  • SpaVie is a professional medical spa headed by Dr. Jennifer Harrington, one of the top female plastic surgeons in the nation.
  • As a proponent of only the highest quality med spa treatments, Dr. Harrington is proud to offer CoolSculpting fat reduction as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction for men and women.
  • SpaVie serves the Twin Cities as well as outlying communities including Minnetonka, Wayzata, St. Cloud and Sartell.

Best Candidates for CoolSculpting

The best candidates for CoolSculpting Elite treatments are men or women in good overall health who are at or near their target weight, but have some lingering fat deposits that diet and exercise aren’t addressing. The most common treatment spots for CoolSculpting Elite include the love handles, tummy, back and thighs, but CoolSculpting can be applied almost anywhere on the body.

What to Expect

CoolSculpting® img 1CoolSculpting Elite treatments are performed by first placing the CoolSculpting device on the target area(s) and applying controlled cooling to the underlying layer of fat. Because the overlying skin and tissue should go numb after the first few moments of cooling, most people report feeling little to no discomfort during their treatment.

CoolSculpting freezes and destroys fat cells in the treated area, after which they will be removed by your body’s natural elimination processes. At SpaVie, we are able to treat both sides of the body at the same time — so for example, the left and right love handles could be treated simultaneously. This can cut down on the need for multiple visits, shortening your overall treatment time by half.

We are excited to offer our CoolSculpting patients BTL CELLUTONE as part of their treatment. CELLUTONE uses the power of therapeutic vibrations to increase lymphatic drainage, waste elimination and blood flow. It helps to break up fat cells and addresses the main factors causing cellulite formation and can lead to a considerable improvement in post-treatment skin appearance.

The Stacking Technique

We perform the “stacking technique,” which uses back-to-back applications for the same treatment area during the same session. This method of treatment can reduce up to 60 percent of fat in the treatment area compared to the typical 25 percent reduction seen after standard CoolSculpting treatments.

Recovery & Results

CoolSculpting Elite doesn’t require any downtime and you can resume your normal routine right after your appointment. However, you may experience some mild swelling, bruising and soreness in and around the treated area(s), which should subside over the following week.

CoolSculpting® img 2CoolSculpting® img 3

Although individual experiences vary, your results should gradually develop over the coming weeks and months. Subsequent treatments can build upon your initial results. Dr. Harrington will help you develop the best plan for meeting your goals with CoolSculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting FAQs

Q. Can I lose weight with CoolSculpting?
While CoolSculpting treatments can reduce fatty bulges, the procedure is not a substitute for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. The focus of CoolSculpting is contouring the body rather than weight loss and most people lose little to no weight as a result of the procedure.
Q. What are the advantages of getting CoolSculpting instead of liposuction?
CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical procedure while liposuction is surgical. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting requires no anesthesia, incisions or downtime. You won’t have any scars from CoolSculpting and you don’t need to take time off of work or your other activities.
Q. How long do CoolSculpting treatments take?
Depending on the size of your treatment area(s), CoolSculpting treatments can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Q. Can I treat a double chin with CoolSculpting?
Yes. In fact, the CoolMini™ applicator is specifically designed for treating a double chin.
Q. Can CoolSculpting get rid of stretch marks?
No. CoolSculpting and other body contouring procedures are not designed to remove stretch marks, which are in fact scars on the skin. Sciton laser treatments and SkinPen® microneedling can be better options than CoolSculpting for getting rid of stretch marks.
CoolSculpting Fat Reduction
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SpaVie medical spa in Plymouth offers CoolSculpting Elite non-surgical fat reduction for Minnesota men and women who want to freeze the fat away.
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