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A flawless complexion starts at home. The skincare products you use make a big difference in the overall health and quality of your skin, and there’s no better place to get high quality products than a licensed medical spa. At SpaVie, we are proud to offer ALASTIN Skincare® products available for purchase online, designed to bring out your best and healthiest complexion at all times, including before and after facial rejuvenation treatments.

Why Choose SpaVie?

  • Our premier Twin Cities medical spa aims to reveal and enhance the natural beauty of Minneapolis men and women.
  • In addition to our full menu of rejuvenating treatments for the face and body, we offer medical-grade skincare products so you can continue to treat yourself every day at home.

About ALASTIN Skincare

ALASTIN Skincare® img 2ALASTIN Skincare products utilize a unique blend of peptides and other key ingredients to enhance the skin and boost skin health before, during and after cosmetic procedures, as well as on their own.

TriHex Technology®

Dry, dull-looking skin and fine lines and wrinkles are often the byproducts of damaged collagen and elastin proteins. This damage can be caused by many factors such as the natural aging process and sun damage. As you grow older your skin’s ability to rejuvenate begins to slow down and these damaged proteins start to break down and clump together.

ALASTIN Skincare with TriHex Technology® is specifically designed to support your skin’s rejuvenation process by helping eliminate damaged collagen and elastin proteins and supporting the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy collagen and elastin.

TriHex Technology can help reveal brighter, more youthful looking skin by:

  1. Removing damaged collagen and elastin to boost the skin’s natural rejuvenation process.
  2. Rebuilding new, healthy collagen and elastin production to help restore optimal skin environment.
  3. Replenishing the skin’s rejuvenation process to help you maintain long-lasting results.

Harrington SpaVie-TriHex technology works to remove old cells, rebuild new cells and replenish the skin's rejuvenation process.

Here’s what you can experience when using the TriHex Technology system:

  • Smoother skin texture.
  • More hydrated skin.
  • Enhanced skin elasticity.
  • Stronger skin barrier protection to combat future damage.
  • Improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and thin skin.
  • Damaged skin barrier protection

Pre- & Post-Procedure Enhancement

The ALASTIN Pre- and Post-Procedure Enhancement line supports healing and skin recovery, helping to minimize downtime and improve upon your results from a number of facial rejuvenation procedures. The system can be used for 14 to 30 days prior to getting a skincare treatment and continued immediately after treatment.

The Pre- and Post-Procedure Enhancement line includes:

  • Regenerating Skin Nectar™ with TriHex Technology®
  • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  • Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer with TriHex Technology®
  • Gentle Cleanser

For men or women having a surgical procedure, a Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm can also be included to enhance your recovery.

Restore & Renew

The ALASTIN Restore and Renew product line supports anti-aging and is suitable for daily use.

The Restore and Renew line includes:

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ Sunscreen
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36
  • Renewal Retinol
  • Restorative Eye Treatment
  • Restorative Skin Complex
  • Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer
  • Restorative Neck Complex

Products are sold separately and can be purchased individually at our office or from our online storefront.

Alastin Skincare FAQs

Q. What makes ALASTIN products special?
Skin has impressive regenerative and healing capabilities, but without the key component of elastin, your skin will be unable to heal and regenerate properly. ALASTIN Skincare products were designed to provide the healing properties that a fetus uses to grow new skin during the first and second trimesters. They key component, tropoelastin, is a water-soluble elastin monomer that helps form elastin fibers. With their unique formula, ALASTIN products can help your skin remain resilient and youthful through the years.
Q. What are the most suitable treatments for using with ALASTIN’s Pre- and Post-Procedure Enhancement line?
Almost any rejuvenation treatment can be combined with the Pre- and Post-Procedure Enhancement line, but some of the most common include Sciton laser skin treatmentsSkinPen® microneedling, Profound RF and PRP facial rejuvenation. However, nearly any procedure that stimulates your skin’s healing process will also leave your skin especially susceptible to the healing properties of any topical products you use.*
Q. What are the most important products to use?
If you’re not ready to invest in a full line of skin products, but would still like to try out a few of the basics, we recommend the Gentle Cleanser, Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer and HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen. If you’re concerned about aging, we also recommend the Renewal Retinol, which helps your skin regenerate from the inside out.
Q. Can I keep using ALASTIN products indefinitely?
Yes. As long as you have no adverse reactions, ALASTIN products are safe for continued daily use.
Q. Do I have to stop by SpaVie in person to refill my ALASTIN products?
We offer an online storefront where you can make your purchases quickly and easily for delivery right to your front door.

*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

ALASTIN Skincare Products
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