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How Much Weight Can You Lose with EMSCULPT NEO®?

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In today’s fast-paced world, non-invasive cosmetic treatments like EMSCULPT NEO® have emerged as popular tools to help men and women achieve their cosmetic goals without the downtime associated with surgery. 

One of the most common questions we hear from those considering EMSCULPT NEO is, “How much weight will I lose?” In this quick guide, we explain how to best measure your EMSCULPT NEO results and how to see if this popular body-sculpting treatment could be right for you.

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss

In clinical trials, EMSCULPT NEO has been shown to reduce fat by up to around 20% and build up to 25% more muscle mass in the treated areas.

Collagen and Your Skin: A Complete Guide

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Collagen is a fundamental protein that serves as the building block for various tissues in the human body, playing a crucial role in skin health. The skin is composed of three primary layers: the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis (subcutaneous tissue). Collagen is primarily found in the dermis, providing structural support and contributing to the skin’s firmness and elasticity.  Understanding the significance of collagen, the timeline of its decline, and effective strategies to counteract this process is essential for maintaining youthful and vibrant skin.

The Importance of Collagen for Skin

Collagen is like the scaffolding that supports the skin, keeping it firm and resilient. It is responsible for maintaining the skin’s structure, preventing sagging and wrinkles. Additionally, collagen promotes cell renewal,

Let Us Help with Your 2024 Resolutions

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January and February are busy times at SpaVie. We’re excited to help the many men and women who want to look their best and make the most of their New Year’s resolutions, and this year we have so many exciting new treatments to offer, along with some tried-and-true options as well. Let’s take a closer look at this most popular nonsurgical treatments and technologies to start the year off right!

For Your Body

Body shaping and toning goals weigh big on many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. Here are some of our top treatments to get the tone you want in 2024:

  • CoolSculpting Elite: You’ve almost certainly heard about this non-invasive fat reduction treatment that freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells from areas like the abdomen,

How to Turn Back Time with Genius® RF Skin Rejuvenation

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Signs of skin aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and sagging skin are some of the most common cosmetic concerns on the face. If these imperfections are getting in the way of your self-confidence, the good news is that there are now advanced anti-aging treatment options like Genius® RF microneedling that can address a wide range of concerns.

What Is Genius RF Microneedling and How Does It Work?

Genius RF skin rejuvenation combines the cell renewal capabilities of radiofrequency waves with collagen-inducing microneedling technology to deliver the best of both worlds wrapped into one. 

During your Genius treatment, a small handheld device is moved over your skin, emitting thermal radiofrequency energy through tiny microneedles.

The Dos & Don’ts of Long-Lasting EMSCULPT Results

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EMSCULPT® helps you tighten and tone your abs and glutes while also burning fat, thanks to its unique high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology. While EMSCULPT’s muscle-toning results can last for six months or even longer, there are a few dos and don’ts to consider to help maintain your EMSCULPT results longer.

Do Exercise Regularly

One of the biggest benefits of EMSCULPT is that it can help you achieve the tight, toned abs you want without having to do thousands of crunches yourself! But the catch is that you should maintain a regular exercise schedule — whether walking, jogging, swimming or any other physical activity you love  — after EMSCULPT to prolong those amazing results. 

Do Eat Healthy

Healthy eating habits go hand-in-hand with regular exercise,

We’re a One-Stop Shop for Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa Treatments

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Having trouble choosing between a surgical procedure like a tummy tuck or facelift and a non-surgical treatment like injectables, laser skin treatments or cellulite reduction? Great news: you don’t have to choose! 

At SpaVie, we offer both non-surgical cosmetic treatments and surgical cosmetic procedures performed by experienced plastic surgeons — so you can get the best of both worlds at the same time.

Benefits of Adding Non-Invasive Procedures to Cosmetic Surgery

There are lots of reasons why more and more people are deciding to combine surgical and non-surgical procedures:

  • Both procedures can be performed at the same time, under anesthesia. 
  • You’ll have a single recovery period and won’t have to schedule time away from work and family twice.

How Avéli® Can Address Cellulite Just in Time for Summer

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Cellulite is one of the most common cosmetic concerns among women, especially as we head into the warmer summer months. Fortunately, there are several safe and effective cellulite treatments, including Avéli®, the latest and most advanced cellulite treatment option available.

See how this popular summer cellulite treatment works and how quickly you can expect to see your results in this quick guide.

How Avéli Works

One of the many benefits of Avéli for cellulite is that you can see long-lasting results quickly with only a single session. Avéli works by cutting the tight bands of connective tissue that otherwise put tension on the skin and create the cellulite dimpling you see on the surface.

3 Med Spa Treatments to Brighten Dull Winter Skin

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Dry winter air can be particularly hard on our skin, accentuating lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture and other existing skin concerns. Fortunately, there are several easy spring skin treatments that can bring dull, lackluster winter skin back to life!

1. Genius® RF Skin Rejuvenation

Genius skin rejuvenation uses cutting-edge microneedling technology to deliver radiofrequency energy below the skin’s surface, where it can stimulate collagen growth and your skin’s natural healing process. This boost in collagen restores the skin’s youthful, healthy-looking glow and firm tone and texture.

Genius RF can treat a variety of common skin concerns, including rough, uneven skin texture, lines and wrinkles, acne scars and more. Results can last for 2 to 3 years,

EMSCULPT® Could Help You Get Over Your Fitness Plateau

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Have you ever felt that no matter how well you eat or how much you workout, you can’t seem to lose that extra inch or get that toned look you’re after? This so-called fitness plateau happens to many people who might even see rapid results at first but then begin to see less and less progress despite their best efforts in the gym.

The good news is that body sculpting treatments like EMSCULPT® can help you overcome these fitness plateaus and see the results you’ve worked so hard for.

Why Do Fitness Plateaus Happen? 

Fitness plateaus are normal and can happen for a number of reasons. In many cases, your body begins to adjust to the demands of your exercise regimen,

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