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Let Us Help with Your 2024 Resolutions

January and February are busy times at SpaVie. We’re excited to help the many men and women who want to look their best and make the most of their New Year’s resolutions, and this year we have so many exciting new treatments to offer, along with some tried-and-true options as well. Let’s take a closer look at this most popular nonsurgical treatments and technologies to start the year off right!

For Your Body

Body shaping and toning goals weigh big on many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. Here are some of our top treatments to get the tone you want in 2024:

  • CoolSculpting Elite: You’ve almost certainly heard about this non-invasive fat reduction treatment that freezes and eliminates stubborn fat cells from areas like the abdomen, thighs, and love handles. CoolSculpting Elite can treat two areas simultaneously, with more coverage and increased fat reduction. 
  • EMSCULT NEO: By using muscle stimulation technology in conjunction with radiofrequency heating, EMSCULPT NEO delivers both muscle tightening and fat reduction in a single treatment. Want 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat and a 25% increase in muscle thickness? This is for you!
  • Avéli Cellulite Treatment: A single, FDA-cleared treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite? You aren’t dreaming. SpaVie was the first practice in Minnesota to offer this advanced cellulite treatment to remove the dreaded dimples characteristic of cellulite.
  • Wellness Drips: Partied a bit too hard this New Year’s? Our wellness drips can help you restore and revive, getting your body back on track for a healthier 2024. We also offer drips to help you burn fat and boost metabolism, making weight loss goals even more achievable.

For Your Face

Does the change of the calendar just make you feel another year older? It’s time to take control and reverse common signs of aging with our help!

  • Sciton Laser Skin Treatments: Laser treatments, like fractional laser therapy, laser peels, and BBL skin rejuvenation can improve skin texture, reduce fine lines, and address pigmentation issues, offering a more youthful appearance.
  • BOTOX Cosmetic: Here’s an easy one to check off your resolutions list – get an injectable in under 30 minutes that delivers long-lasting smoother skin. We offer BOTOX as well as leading alternatives  Dysport & Daxxify.
  • Dermal Fillers: We offer all of today’s most advanced filler options, including the popular Juvéderm Collection as well as Restylane, Sculptra Aesthetic, and RHA. These fillers can reduce wrinkles, plump volume of the face and lips, and improve facial contour.

Make 2024 your year! Give our Plymouth office a call at 612-213-1111 or contact us online to book your appointment today.

Let Us Help with Your 2024 Resolutions
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Let Us Help with Your 2024 Resolutions
Get your skin in shape in 2024 with the help of the skincare specialists at SpaVie in Plymouth, MN. We offer top treatments for the face and body.
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