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EMSCULPT® Could Help You Get Over Your Fitness Plateau

Have you ever felt that no matter how well you eat or how much you workout, you can’t seem to lose that extra inch or get that toned look you’re after? This so-called fitness plateau happens to many people who might even see rapid results at first but then begin to see less and less progress despite their best efforts in the gym.

The good news is that body sculpting treatments like EMSCULPT® can help you overcome these fitness plateaus and see the results you’ve worked so hard for.

Why Do Fitness Plateaus Happen? 

Fitness plateaus are normal and can happen for a number of reasons. In many cases, your body begins to adjust to the demands of your exercise regimen, so you no longer see the dramatic results you saw when you first started working out. Other factors such as stress, insufficient recovery time and lack of motivation can also contribute to a fitness plateau.

How EMSCULPT Works for You to Reach Fitness Goals 

EMSCULPT is a revolutionary body sculpting device that lets you maximize your body’s ability to build muscle and burn fat. Using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology, EMSCULPT can deliver up to 20,000 muscle contractions in a single 30-minute session. That is the equivalent of doing 20,000 situps in 30 minutes — an impossibility without the help of a body contouring device like EMSCULPT.

To learn more about how EMSCULPT could help you get out of your fitness rut, call our Plymouth office today at 612-213-1111 or contact us online to discuss your goals with one of our highly qualified body contouring experts.

EMSCULPT® Could Help You Get Over Your Fitness Plateau
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EMSCULPT® Could Help You Get Over Your Fitness Plateau
Considering EMSCULPT fat reduction to reach your fitness goals? The team of aesthetic professionals at SpaVie in Plymouth explains how body contouring works.
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