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Wrinkles Got You Down? Laser Skin Resurfacing Could Help

Thanks to advanced laser technology, gone are the days of letting wrinkles keep you from looking just as youthful and energized as you feel. If you’re thinking about getting laser treatments for wrinkles, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind for optimum results.

Plan Laser Skin Treatments According to the Season

The timing of your laser anti-aging treatment can have a significant impact on your results. In fact, cooler fall months are considered “laser season” because staying out of the sun isn’t usually as difficult this time of year. So you might want to start planning now for your first laser skin treatment to start in the fall.

Lasers Can Work for Many Skin Types and Tones

Radiofrequency devices like Profound® RF skin tightening can be a good choice for virtually all skin tones.

While they still won’t be able to treat all shades of skin, modern cosmetic lasers are able to treat a wider range of skin tones than in the past. Generally speaking, people with fair skin have always been good candidates for laser treatments, but “olive” skin tones and other complexions also can now be safely treated. Keep in mind that altered pigmentation can still happen, and for this reason it’s too risky to treat darker skin.

Lasers also can treat more than just wrinkles. If you have patches of rough skin, acne scars, sun damage, or other issues, it’s worth seeing how laser skin rejuvenation can improve those as well. Talk to your provider about the best options for your specific skin type and needs.

You’ll Need Multiple Laser Treatments

In most cases, plan on having more than one laser treatment for wrinkles if you want to get the most out of your procedure. The number of treatments that may be necessary will depend on lots of factors, including your skin type, goals and the severity of the skin concerns you’d like to address.

Wrinkles Got You Down? Laser Skin Resurfacing Could Help
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Wrinkles Got You Down? Laser Skin Resurfacing Could Help
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