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4 Sciton Laser Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Look

As the weather heats up and your wardrobe starts to bare more skin, you might be searching for Sciton laser treatments to get a smoother, more even complexion in time for summer vacay.

If this sounds like you, take a deep breath and read through the differences between Sciton’s various laser treatment options to make sure you choose the best fit for your skincare goals.

1. Halo™ Laser Skin Resurfacing

Men and women who want to improve the appearance of acne scars, fine lines, sun spots or enlarged pores might consider opting in for Halo™ laser skin resurfacing. Halo uses a hybrid fractional laser of varied wavelengths to address skin concerns at various skin depths.

Although Halo is most commonly used for facial rejuvenation, it can also be used on your back, shoulders, décolleté and backs of yourhands.

2. Contour TRL Laser Peel

Unlike some other anti-aging options out there, the Contour TRL laser peel can adjust the wavelengths of the laser energy it emits to accommodate your unique skin type and needs. Because of this, most people see excellent results after just one treatment.*

During the next 6 months after your laser peel, you should notice continued improvements in the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, age spots and other pigment imperfections.*

3. BBL Skin Rejuvenation

Broadband light therapy, also called BBL skin rejuvenation, is most commonly used to address pigmented and vascular lesions such as acne scars, sun damage, redness caused by rosacea and cherry angiomas.

4. Laser Hair Removal

If you’re tired of dealing with uncomfortable and time-consuming hair removal methods like shaving, waxing and plucking, laser hair removal could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Most people usually get anywhere from 4 to 8 treatment sessions for best results.*

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.

4 Sciton Laser Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Look
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4 Sciton Laser Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Look
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