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Can You Get Laser Skin Treatment during the Summer?

You might have heard that laser skin treatments are best left to fall and winter, since you’ll need to stay out of the sun afterward. While the colder months can be an ideal time to start laser treatments, that doesn’t mean summer is totally out of the question.

The key to getting laser skin treatments during summer is to take extra-special care of your skin to avoid sun damage, wrinkles and other concerns. These tips are great places to start.

1. Wear Daily SPF

You’ll want to be especially diligent about wearing sunscreen daily, even if you don’t plan to spend the day poolside. The sun’s rays can still reach your skin through your car or office windows.

2. Wear Sun-Protective Clothing

Be sure to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, especially on the treated areas of your skin.

There are so many cute options now! When you plan on being outside this summer, sport a wide-brimmed sun hat, cover-up and UV-protecting shirts and pants that are breathable and designed to be worn in warmer temperatures.

3. Avoid Deliberate Tanning

Even though you are wearing sunscreen, that doesn’t mean you can bake in the sun all day after laser treatments. In fact, baking in the sun is never good for your skin’s health — but it is especially important to avoid after you’ve had laser skin treatments.

Seek shade whenever possible so you can still enjoy the fresh air and summer fun with friends and family without harming your skin.

4. Follow Your Provider’s Guidelines

Your laser skin treatment provider should give you detailed guidelines to help you maximize your results during the summer months.

If you’d like more information or want to schedule a laser treatment consult, please contact us online or call our Plymouth office at 612-213-1111.

Can You Get Laser Skin Treatment during the Summer?
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Can You Get Laser Skin Treatment during the Summer?
Can you get laser skin treatments during summer? The knowledgeable team at SpaVie med spa in Plymouth, Minnesota shares some summer-ready tips.
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