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Making Sense of Your Laser Treatment Options

Laser treatments can be a relatively quick and easy solution to many of the most common skin problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, dark spots, redness and acne scars.

If you are considering laser skin rejuvenation but aren’t quite sure which type of laser treatment to get, take a look at three of the most popular laser treatment options from Sciton, a leader in light-based skin treatments, to see which could make the most sense for you.

Halo™ Skin Resurfacing 

Halo laser skin resurfacing uses a combination of non-ablative and ablative laser technology to gently heat the surface and deeper layers of your skin. This process stimulates collagen and cell renewal, providing a number of benefits — from smoothing away wrinkles and enlarged pores to eliminating acne scars and sun spots.

Laser skin resurfacing causes the outermost layer of skin to peel within 3 to 4 days after your treatment, gradually revealing your final results within just a few weeks. Because it is a hybrid ablative and non-ablative laser, Halo offers minimized downtime compared to other laser resurfacing options.

Contour TRL Laser Peel

The Contour TRL laser peel works similarly to Halo in that it safely and gently removes the outermost layer of skin to achieve a smoother and more even complexion. The main difference between the TRL laser peel and Halo is that the TRL laser is fully ablative.

While you can often see more comprehensive results from a fully-ablative laser like TRL, this type of laser requires more downtime than hybrid or non-ablative lasers.

BBL Skin Rejuvenation

Broadband light (BBL) skin rejuvenation uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to improve redness, vascular lesions, signs of aging and pigmentation problems such as dark spots and acne scars. This type of light treatment does not require any downtime and results in only minimal peeling.

Still have questions about the best laser skin rejuvenation treatment for you? Give our Plymouth office a call at 612-213-1111 or contact us online today!

Making Sense of Your Laser Treatment Options
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Making Sense of Your Laser Treatment Options
Not sure which laser skin rejuvenation treatment could be right for you? The skincare experts at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota break down 3 top options.
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