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The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Prioritizing Skin Care

Spending time taking care of your skin each day is great for your mental health for so many reasons! Even when — or perhaps especially when — your life is busy and you feel like you are being pulled in a million directions, taking a few minutes each morning and evening to focus on yourself can have a profound effect on your mood. Here’s why.

Your Skin Care Routine Adds Structure To Your Day 

Having a set routine each morning helps to start the day off on the right foot, allowing yourself to mentally prepare for the day ahead. On the flip side, with so many of us working from home these days, falling out of that normal routine can have the opposite effect, making for a chaotic, less productive day.

Use your skin care routine as a way to add structure to your day, even if you are working from home. The very act of waking up and running through a handful of skin care steps in the morning can set the stage for a happy, healthy mood for the rest of the day.

Your Skin Care Routine Gives You “Me” Time 

A good skin care routine doesn’t have to take ages to complete. In fact, dedicating just 5 to 10 minutes on your skin care is enough to both properly take care of your skin and give yourself some downtime to decompress and focus on yourself each morning and evening.

Work with a skincare professional to develop an easy, hassle-free skin care regimen that works for your skin type.

Your Skin Care Routine Promotes Healthy Circulation

You’ve probably never thought of getting your blood flowing as a benefit of putting on moisturizer in the morning, but the truth is that your skin care routine can absolutely promote healthy, mood-boosting circulation.

From the warm water you use to wash your face to the gentle massaging motions you use to apply serums and moisturizers, your skin care regimen is a chance to get the blood flowing in the morning. And for an even more dramatic circulation-booster, add the occasional in-office facial or skin treatment to your regular routine.

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The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Prioritizing Skin Care
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The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Prioritizing Skin Care
How does your skin care routine help your mental health? The team of skincare professionals at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota explains the connection.
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