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How Avéli® Dropkicks Your Cellulite with 1 Treatment

Are “orange peel bumps” or “cottage cheese lumps” keeping you from feeling confident wearing short shorts or a bikini this summer? Don’t let cellulite — one of the most common skin concerns for women — stand in your way of fun in the sun this season.

Avéli® is the latest FDA-cleared cellulite treatment that, unlike many other similar devices, works after a single in-office treatment. Check out some of the other amazing benefits of Avéli cellulite treatments here to see if this new body-smoothing tool could be the right fit for you.

1. Avéli Provides Lasting Results 

Cellulite happens when fibrous bands of connective tissue called septa are pulled tightly between underlying muscle tissue and your skin. This causes subcutaneous fat cells — the fat that exists just beneath the skin — to be pushed and pulled into what we see as cellulite lumps and bumps on the skin’s surface.

Thus, the only effective way to reduce cellulite for lasting results is to release those tight bands of connective tissue. Avéli does this in a precise and novel way.

During your Avéli treatment, your provider is able to identify individual septa that need to be released. These tight bands are cut and released individually with precision, providing comprehensive results with minimal downtime.

Studies examining the longevity of Avéli results are still ongoing, though preliminary results show that participants are still enjoying lasting results three months after treatment. These same results will be assessed again at the 12-month mark.

2. Avéli Is Minimally Invasive

Although Avéli cuts bands of connective tissue under the skin, this is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment and does not come with extensive downtime like surgery does. The Avéli cellulite treatment is performed using a local anesthetic, so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort during your procedure.

Afterwards, bruising and swelling are to be expected. However, because the small Avéli device is able to target individual septa without harming the surrounding tissue, these side effects tend to be less pronounced than with other cellulite treatment options.

You should be able to resume your normal daily activities directly after your Avéli cellulite treatment, though it’s best to avoid vigorous physical activity for the first few days.

3. Avéli Is a “One and Done” Procedure

One of the biggest benefits of Avéli cellulite treatment is that it only requires a single appointment to get excellent skin-smoothing results. Other cellulite treatment options typically require multiple treatment sessions spaced a few weeks apart in order to see optimal results.

Additionally, Avéli can treat cellulite on both the buttocks and thighs in a single treatment session.

4. Avéli Results Can Be Visible Quickly

Avéli results are generally fully visible once swelling and bruising subside, which can be as quick as 3 to 4 weeks after your appointment. While you may be able to see results sooner than this, the full effect of your “before and after” Avéli cellulite treatment will be well worth the wait!

How Avéli® Dropkicks Your Cellulite with 1 Treatment
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How Avéli® Dropkicks Your Cellulite with 1 Treatment
Curious about the benefits of Aveli cellulite treatments? The team of skincare experts at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota explain what sets Aveli apart.
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