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Try a “Vampire Facial” for Those Ghastly Skin Problems

No, the vampire facial isn’t a Halloween trick — it’s actually a total treat for your skin. If you haven’t heard of this trending treatment yet, take a look at this quick guide to find out if PRP facial rejuvenation could be just what your skin needs.

What Is a Vampire Facial? 

Although the name sounds spooky, the vampire facial is an easy, straightforward procedure. Also called PRP facial rejuvenation, vampire facials combine the skin-rejuvenating power of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) with microneedling.

During a vampire facial, PRP collected from your own blood is used as a serum during and after the microneedling process to enhance absorption and to stimulate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. Growth factors in PRP prompt your skin to self-heal, boosting collagen and repairing cellular damage.

Who Can Benefit from a Vampire Facial? 

Vampire facials can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve acne scars, dark spots, fine lines, uneven skin texture, stretch marks and other similar skin blemishes. Because this popular skin treatment comes with minimal downtime, most people find it easy to fit into their busy schedules.

How Long Does a Vampire Facial Last?

Vampire facials work by triggering your skin to naturally self-rejuvenate. Because of this, your results will gradually develop over time and can be very long-lasting. That said, yearly maintenance treatments will help to enhance and prolong your vampire facial results.

Thinking of treating your skin to a vampire facial this spooky season? Call our Plymouth office at 612-213-1111 or get in touch online to schedule a consultation today!

Try a “Vampire Facial” for Those Ghastly Skin Problems
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Try a “Vampire Facial” for Those Ghastly Skin Problems
The skincare experts at SpaVie in Plymouth, Minnesota explain what a vampire facial is, what it does and how PRP facial rejuvenation can help your skin.
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